Our Heights Team is dedicated to providing quality service. With OVER 60 years of combined experience, you can count on our skilled technicians to get the job done with our COST-EFFECTIVE solutions!


We offer everything, including industrial rope access techniques and methods. All our services are offered professionally. Our team of expert Rope Access Technicians & Advanced Riggers have over 60 years of combined experience in all aspects of construction and property maintenance.

Access that normally takes days and plenty of manpower using traditional access will take us hours to complete. What's more, our services don't disrupt our client's day-to-day activities.

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Total Access is the leading provider of Rope Access solutions within New Zealand. Abseil work with us is a fast and cost-effective alternative for building maintenance providing impeccable results.

Get safe, cost-effective, and a low impact means of accessing high areas. Total Access offers everything, including industrial rope access techniques and methods. All our services are offered professionally. Before we provide rope access solutions, we will do initial surveys, safety assessments, health assessments, risk assessments and prepare a detailed method statement. We also offer ongoing support where needed.

This height service has notable benefits such as minimal on-site disruption and cost savings since there's no need for scaffolding, cherry pickers and other expensive access equipment. Other benefits include safe access to difficult-to-reach areas and environmentally friendly benefits since rope access doesn't pollute the environment.



Total Access installs aluminum access ladders, walkways and guardrails which are lightweight, durable, and versatile.

All installations carried out by Total Access are safe and compliant with the industry standards and certifications of New Zealand.

With a variety of options available suitable for your project, why wouldn't you choose us?

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Total Access specialise in providing a variety of swing stage equipment, including corner units & working cages for added safety!

If you wish for easy and quick access to a tall structure or building, our electric powered swing stages will work for you perfectly. They are simply flexible scaffolding that can be extended from the ground to hundreds of feet above.

Total Access swing stages are lightweight, capable of being suspended with ease from overhead structures. What's more, despite being lightweight, they are strong and capable of carrying hundreds of kilograms. They are also fast capable of moving materials and personnel up and down a skyscraper within minutes. Total Access swing stages also have other notable features like stirrups to increase the usable length.

Most importantly, we take safety very seriously with all our height services, which is why we inspect structures and buildings thoroughly before positioning swing stages. Before we start offering our services, we are certain that your structure or building can support our swing stage and accommodate material and personnel weight. We design detailed plans and conduct thorough inspections before assembling swing stages.

We pride ourselves on using Sky Climber, the leading manufacturer of suspended scaffolding equipment.



Total Access is an accredited Latchways installers with intensive training and experience.

Latchways pioneered the top fix system with Constant Force Posts, which uses the latest technology and is preferred by industry, meaning you're in the best hands possible!

We can offer everything from anchors to self-retracting lifelines, pole straps, harnesses and lanyards fitted with shock absorbers. Our systems can stop a person from the highest, most dangerous falls. Our fall arrest lines are attached to points on harnesses that offer the best protection for different situations.

We have a designated team that specialise in the annual inspections/certification of roof anchors and lifelines.

Our attention to detail and real-time reporting ensures 100% compliance for your roof systems.

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Abseil Anchors - Total Access, Height Services, Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington


Total Access supply and install abseil anchors and attachment points for edge work. Our products and installation meet New Zealand certifications and are 100% compliant - we'll even test and certify abseil anchor points to industry standards!

Our anchors can be fixed to a variety of structural substrates ranging from steel to concrete to offer firm connection points. We offer a variety of connection point options, including multiple connections at the same time.

These anchor points are installed while maintaining building integrity and water tightness - our goal is to make things easier for you, not complicate them.

When fixing anchors to timber or metal decks, we install a backing plate that ensures compliance. Total Access will conduct inspections as required, with areas prone to harsh environments receiving more frequent inspections. We have trained personnel who work under a supervisor and all installation and maintenance work is done according to manufacturer guidelines.

All anchor points and safety lines are required to be certified annually - we do that, don't worry!

Keen on getting any other height service that isn't discussed above? If yes, don't worry. We offer many other services, including custom height services that meet the most unique preferences