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Telescopic Boom 56.86M - Total Access
Telescopic Boom 56.86M - Total Access

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Telescopic Boom 56.86M

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Genie SX-180
Platform Height: 54.86m
Working Height: 56.86m
Weight: 25,108kg
Turntable Rotation: 360° continuous
Machine Length: 24.38m
Platform LxW: 0.91m x 2.44m

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Why Choose Total Access?

There are many reasons to choose Total Access for all your access machine needs, height services and related needs. The most notable reasons include;

We offer services that match industry standards in every way. For instance, our EWP training and procedures are approved by NZOSH, HIANZ, EWPA & IPAF.

Our access machines are also serviced frequently by CBIP technicians. The machines also meet the 2014 - Worksafe Best Practice Guidelines.

Total Access has access equipment for hire, height services, scaffolding services, propping services, EWP services and more. You don't need another company for all your access equipment and related needs.

Total Access has a variety of different brands and types of access equipment from forklifts to vertical masts, spider booms and telehandlers. Different services i.e., scaffolding, also come with numerous options to capture the taste and preferences of all customers.

Total Access doesn't compromise on safety. We have the relevant certifications and more to ensure we offer the best access machines and height services in New Zealand.

Our services have been tried and proven by thousands for the past 12 years (since 2008). There's more. Our prices are reasonable, and we are bound to increase your productivity and profit.

Who Are Total Access Clients?

We service construction business owners in New Zealand as well as other companies and individuals who need access equipment and solutions i.e., real estate developers, farmers, industries, maintenance companies, contractors, tree care companies, employees working on elevated work platforms, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Boom lifts are aerial lifts that allow vertical and horizontal reach instantaneously. A boom lift has many applications ranging from industrial tasks to outdoor jobs and construction projects. It offers better reach than other access equipment like scissor lift. However, boom lifts have a relatively smaller work platform.

Boom lifts have a platform/bucket and long jointed crane featuring a hydraulic lifting system attached to a base.

Telescopic boom lifts or straight/stick booms feature booms that "telescopes-out" from a boom hoist and attach to a lift chassis. Telescopic boom lifts can reach heights up to 185 feet or more.

Large boom lift models can reach 180-feet. Maximum horizontal range for a 40-foot boom lift is approximately 35 feet, while a 120-foot lift can average 75 feet in horizontal reach.

A spider boom's most notable features are the spider-like "legs". Spider booms are also highly compact and designed to negotiate tight spaces and handle rough terrain. Electric booms are most distinguishable by their quiet nature. Since they are electric, they are quiet and free of emissions, making them perfect for working in sensitive worksites. They also tend to have wheels instead of spider-like "legs".

According to WorkSafe, operators of elevated work platforms must wear harnesses when operating any access equipment whose risk assessment indicates it is necessary to wear a harness. Examples of such access machines include; vertical masts where manufacturers have recommended harnesses, boom-type lifts such as spider lifts, self-propelled boom lifts and truck-mounted boom lifts. For boom-type MEWPs, operators should use full-body harnesses. What's more, individuals wearing harnesses must know how to wear them properly.

Yes. Provided you meet our guidelines for hiring any of our access equipment.

Operators must be licensed before using a cherry picker. Cherry picker operators must be trained on proper and safe use. The same applies to individuals intending to use any type of EWP.

EWP licensing isn't a must in New Zealand. However, access machine operators are required by law to have the relevant training and acquire a valid license.

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