Our variety of Scaffolding materials has the supply to cater for your jobs, whether it be big or small, commercial or residential, events or maintenance, we've got your requirements covered NATIONWIDE!

Steel Scaffold - Total Access, Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington


Here at Total Access, we specialise in the use of the All-Round Scaffold system. This not only produces a tidy and compliant scaffold, but it also REDUCES both erection and dismantle time.

This allows the work-face to be accessed FASTER and is therefore MORE COST EFFECTIVE than the typical Tube and Clip Systems.

With our range of Scaffolding equipment and qualified team, we have your access needs covered.



Whether it's mobile, static, cantilevered, suspended, narrow or open space, we have everything to meet your requirements.

Constructing STANDARD builds up to 9.0m, no task is too complex for our team!

With the versatility of our equipment, our experience and flexibility, Total Access is the clear option for your scaffolding requirements!

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Fibreglass Scaffold - Total Access, Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington, Christchurch


At Total Access, we have a large range of Fibreglass Mobile Scaffold Towers (GRP - Glass Reinforced Polycarbonate) for specific areas of the industry where aluminium scaffold towers are obtained as unfit for use.

Fibreglass is a non-conductive, non-corrosive and spark resistant material and is a PREFERRED REQUIREMENT in the rail and electrical industries.

Furthermore, Fibreglass is an EXTREMELY CLEAN product so it's a perfect solution where hygiene and cleanliness are paramount - this includes food production industries and conservation areas.



For your Recladding, Asbestos Removal, Temporary Waterproofing or Protection requirements, we provide engineered encapsulation solutions to suit your requirements.

As these works typically are on the ‘Critical Path’ of a Schedule, we work hard to ensure that we deliver in a timely manner to AVOID any unnecessary DELAYS while providing cost-effective solution to protect your project!

Temporary Roofs - Total Access, Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington -
Propping - Total Access, Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington


Utilising our All-Round System, we will work with your Construction Team to provide a Propping solution to suit your Project needs.

We can provide a design inclusive of calculations, which, once approved will be successfully implemented onsite, as required.


Scaffolding hire: What are the benefits?

When you need quality, professional scaffolding services in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga  contact Total Access Ltd.

Whether you are constructing a commercial structure, performing residential maintenance jobs, or doing events, theatres and film productions, we have the right scaffolding solution for your needs. 

Why Hire Us?

Expert and Professional Staff - Enjoy security and peace of mind knowing that the team you hired is experts in scaffolding services. We have a team of highly skilled professionals who have years of experience setting up scaffolding to efficiently meet your project requirements. From scaffolding erection to dismantling, you won’t have to worry about anything. 

High Quality Materials - Aside from the skills, Total Access also provides the equipment and materials needed to construct scaffolding to the highest standard. We work only with the best scaffolding materials to take care of your needs.

Enhanced safety - The most important advantage of seeking professional scaffolding services is enhanced safety. Here at Total Access, your safety is our foremost concern. We deliver customised solutions that combine the safest possible approach with the best materials. This yields other benefits such as increased productivity due to workers who feel safer.

Easy assembly/disassembly - This is another reason to consider our scaffolding hire service. Our scaffolding has a structure that makes assembling and dismantling fast and easy. While both processes are fast, dismantling is faster.

Faster project completion - Construction projects run on schedules, but delays happen due to lack of equipment and materials, or sometimes workforce concerns. Hiring a reputable scaffolding company like Total Access will ensure that your project runs with all the needed equipment and technical know-how in scaffold builds, minimising delays and ensuring faster project completion.