Cherry Pickers for Hire

Total Access is New Zealand’s number one provider of access machines. We have the most reliable and robust cherry pickers to get the job done.

Our Cherry pickers are versatile and great for a handyman or busy construction site. These have very reliable and robust petrol engines and can easily be towed from site to site therefore saving on transport costs.

If you are looking for a cherry picker to hire, we have a wide variety of cherry pickers for you to choose from. Our goal is to make access machines available for everyone, to get your project done safely and efficiently.

Working at more than 10 meters of height can be a recipe for disaster without the right precision machine. Hire the best access machine in the Auckland area. Don’t settle for anything other than excellent quality.

Advantages of Hiring a Cherry Picker

  • Save time Ladders are very specific, allowing you to use only one hand with the need to climb down for readjustments. Scaffolding solves those problems, but it takes a lot of time to install and remove. Hiring a cherry picker, on the other hand, is the perfect solution. You have virtually no set up time, it allows you to work safely with both hands, and adjust the height quickly.
  • Better flexibility and productivity - Most solutions offered for those working at height allow for limited access to a certain area at a time and can’t adapt to difficult access points or terrains. Cherry pickers work with a mobile arm that allows you to cover much more surfaces in a fraction of the time. Plus, adapts to difficult-to-reach heights scenarios like gutters.

Our Range of Cherry Pickers

Cherrypicker 12.6M (Snorkel MHP13)

This heavy-duty, trailer-mounted boom features an all-steel construction making it one of the most robust and reliable models on the market. It can lift two people at the same time to a height of 12.6 meters making it ideal for all kinds of applications including landscaping, construction, and maintenance. Its petrol engine, hydraulic disc brakes, automatic stabilizers and proportional speed control make it the safest way to reach those difficult spots.

Cherrypicker 13M ( HTA13P - towable)

Can a cherry picker be ready to go in under 30 seconds upon arrival to the site? This model can get you a full 13 meters of extension in less than half a minute because of its groundbreaking all-electrical design. Moreover, it can be simply towed by a standard half-ton truck (no commercial driver's license needed). The electric controls minimize hydraulic hoses while simplifying operation, and minimizing risks of malfunction. If you need the best, most modern and most reliable 13 meter platform then this might be the choice you've been looking for.

Cherrypicker 15M (Snorkel MHP15)

The accuracy and smoothness of the 5HP engine powering this machine are uncanny. This 15-meters, two-people platform is the most convenient trailer-mounted boom lift in the market today.

Moreover, featuring automatic stabilizers, hydraulic outriggers and disc brakes and a handy platform rotator, this is the ultimate tool for working at height. If your job demands 15 meters, you need the Snorkel MHP15HD.

Cherrypicker 15.7M (HTA16P - Driveable)

This cherry picker can safely take you up over 15 meters in less than 30 seconds even if there is a slope of up to 12.5 degrees. Moreover, the design includes lines for air, water and GFI 110V protected power straight to the platform for effortless performance.

Plus, working 100% on electrical power and with the possibility of being towed by a regular half-a-ton truck, it’ll help you minimize costs on transportation and gas. If your task requires over 15 meters of height, you won’t find another option as reliable, efficient, and affordable as this model in the market today.

Cherrypicker 15.72M (Haulotte Biljax 45XA)

Accessing difficult spots with large, heavy machinery is not easy. Most require added transportation costs to set them up where you need them. All of that hassle is now part of the past because of this machine's lightweight design and 4WD capabilities.

The 4,000-watt generator is capable of some serious lifting. Plus, the dual-powered operation (DC & gas) is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Finally, the ability to tow it with a regular half ton truck makes it the best option for any work requiring over 15 meters of height. No other cherry picker on the market will offer you as much flexibility.