Cherry Pickers for Hire

Total Access is New Zealand’s number one provider of access machines. We have the most reliable and robust cherry pickers to get the job done.

Our Cherry pickers are versatile and great for your average handyman or busy construction sites. These have very reliable and robust petrol engines and can easily be towed from site to site therefore saving on transport costs.

If you are looking for a cherry picker to purchase or hire, we have a wide variety of cherry pickers for you to choose from. Our goal is to make access machines available for everyone and to help you get your project done safely and efficiently.  

Working at more than 10 meters of height can be a recipe for disaster without the right precision machine to help. Hire the best access machine in the Auckland area. Don’t settle for anything other than excellent quality. 


Advantages of Hiring a Cherry Picker

  • Save time -  Ladders are very specific, allow you to use one hand, and need you to climb down for readjustments. Scaffolding solves those problems, but it takes a lot of time to install and remove. Hiring a cherry picker, on the other hand, is the perfect solution. You have virtually no set up time, it allows you to work safely with both hands, and adjust the height quickly. 
  • Better flexibility and productivity - Most solutions offered for those working at height allow for limited access to a certain area at a time and can’t adapt to difficult access or terrains. Cherry pickers work with a mobile arm that allows you to cover much more surfaces in a fraction of the time. Plus, adapts to difficult-to-reach heights scenarios like gutters.