Electric Scissor Lifts

The safest way to climb up to new heights is to do it with an electric scissor lift. This reliable, eco-friendly, silent companion adapts to virtually any case scenario and helps you get the job done in no time.

Our range of Electric Scissor Lifts are environmentally friendly, energy-efficient and low maintenance. Most models are lightweight, so they are easily transportable, and have a long battery life which keeps you on the job longer, increasing your productivity. They are reliable machines that fit many difficult spots. No matter how narrow the aisles of your deposit are you can always fit an electric scissor lift to help you.

If your business needs going up, we are the ones that can take it to the next level.

Why Hire Our Electric Total Lifts?

Noise-free and eco-friendly - In a world increasingly worried about emissions, it is nice to know about the zero-emission operation of our electric scissor lifts. Furthermore, they will not pollute your working area in any way since their operation is completely silent too. No other piece of access equipment can give you more without disturbing your staff or family.

Flexible - Their reduced size, impressive manoeuvrability, and impressive lifting power ensures that our electric scissor lifts are the perfect choice for working at height in any space. Moreover, we offer models that can adapt to indoor and outdoor activities. Lifting and moving goods from one place to another, even in tight spaces, has never been so easy.

Enhanced productivity - Reduce your staff’s physical effort and possible injuries and increase your business productivity with an electric scissor lift. Change your entire warehouse mood and solve all your good-transportation problems in a single move by hiring one of our machines.

Our Range of Electric Scissor Lifts

Electric Scissor 5.6M (Dingli S036-RS)

If you need to go up beyond 5 meters, this is a great option. Feel safer than ever with its folding handrails, pothole protection, touch-display screen, and a platform space of 1.15 m x .60 m.

Electric Scissor 5.6M (JLG 1230ES)

This low-maintenance electric lift can take you up over 5 meters with zero emissions or noise. Furthermore, this model fits on most freight elevators, is easy to maintain, compact and lighter compared to other height access machines.

Electric Scissor 5.9M (Dingli SP039E -Push Around)

This model gets into places no other electric scissor lift can fit. This machine is the only one in the market that will give you the flexibility of a ladder and the power of a lift. If you're working in reduced spaces, this is the perfect fit for your needs.

Electric Scissor 7.72M (JLG 1930ES)

Featuring a manual rollout extension platform to increase the workspace and electric front-wheel drive, this is the most flexible electric scissor lift of its height.

Electric Scissor 7.72M (JLG 1930ES -Wind Rated)

The narrow base and double hydraulic hoses of this model make it as powerful as it is handy. If you want the most out of a single elevator, this is your best bet.

Electric Scissor 7.8M (Dingli S06-E)

Another serious choice for any task, this extendable platform lift features non-marking wheels and a total height of almost 8 meters. Furthermore, the electronic drive in this machine offers up to 40% better energy efficiency than any other in its category. Capable of lifting up to 230kg, this lift is a great choice for any indoor endeavour.

Electric Scissor 8.10M (JLG 2030ES)

If your work requires a little more height and more weight, this scissor elevator can lift 360kg up to 8 meters in the air. All of this is done silently and also with zero emissions. If you want a powerful yet manoeuvrable platform to work with then this is an excellent option.

Electric Scissor 9.9M (JLG 2646ES)

Thanks to the dual-hose design, this is one of the most reliable and productive electric scissor lifts on the market. Indeed, this design prevents leakage and assists maintenance, thus, it’ll stay on the job for longer. Due to the flexibility, reliability, and almost 10 meters of height, this is a great choice for your warehouse.

Electric Scissor 9.9M (JLG 2630ES)

If your work requires a little more height and more weight, this scissor elevator can hold 450 kg. All of this is done quietly for sound sensitive areas and applications.

Electric Scissor 9.92M (Genie 2668 DC)

Featuring a front-wheel drive and zero inside turning radius, this electric scissor lift is perfect for any scenario requiring you to lift 500kg for almost 10 meters. Indeed, you can manoeuvre this lift in tiny aisles, elevators, crowded construction sites, and more. If you need a powerful, silent, and flexible lift this might be your best bet.

Electric Scissor 10M (Dingli S0812E)

This powerful elevator can take 450kg to a height of 10 meters and can even be driven when fully extended. It also features AC power in the extendable platform, tilt protection, non-marking tires, 2WD and automatic brakes. This is a great option to work safely and effortlessly ten meters off the ground.

Electric Scissor 11.70M (JLG 3246ES)

This is the right electric scissor lift if you need to go up over 10 meters carrying relatively light weighing loads. With a width of only 1.17 meters and 320kg of lift capacity, you can fit this machine in virtually any spot you need. If you don't need to lift heavy loads and want extreme flexibility, this machine is for you.

Electric Scissor 12M (Dingli S1012E)

Because sometimes you need to go high and not carry a heavy load, this electric scissor lift can take 320kg up to 12 meters off the ground. Featuring a myriad of security measures, for example, an emergency lowering system. This is the perfect machine for performing tasks high up in the air.

Electric Scissor 14M (Dingli S1212E)

This scissor lift features all the security measures you need to arrive safe and sound at 13.8 meters and come back in the same condition. Moreover, the security features in these units are among the best. If your work requires you to go this high, hire this machine and do it with peace of mind.

Electric Scissor 14.19M (JLG 4069ES)

This electric scissor lift can take 360kg up to 14 meters off the ground. It features industry-leading upcycles to enhance productivity. If you need to go this high to cover indoor and outdoor scenarios, you can't go wrong choosing this machine.

Electric Scissor 16M (Dingli 1412E )

If you are looking for a device capable of reaching up to 16 meters off the ground, this is the model you need. With a total width of 1.25 meters, you can fit this quiet companion even in the tightest spots. Its state-of-the-art security features make this the best way to climb 16 meters.