Rough Terrain Diesel Scissors

Our Rough Terrain Diesel Scissors are robust and reliable with auto level stabilisers allowing quick machines to be levelled at the touch of a button.

We offer a wide variety of diesel scissor lifts to meet just about any application thinkable, including big outdoor jobs that require platform workspace. Our lifts have varying lift speeds, height and sizes to boost efficiency in any job site. You will work faster and safer attributable to the exceptional speed, traction, and gradeability our Rough Terrain Diesel Scissors offer.

Our Range of Rough Terrain Diesel Scissors

RT Scissor 9.75M

This scissor lift enables operation and access in narrow work spaces. It's working height of 9.92m and large work platform increased its capacity for productivity. The four wheel drive enhances mobility.

RT Scissor 10M

When you need a scissor lift that reaches the height of 10m and offers proportional control, non marking tyres, four wheel, automatic brakes system, safety electric pump, onboard diagnostic system, European lll emission engine and more, this is the machine you need.

RT Scissor 10.2M

This scissor lift is ideal for rough terrain driving, thanks to its 4 wheel drive, automatic differential lock, excellent gradeability of 40%, and ground clearance of 27 cm. Other features include a durable and reliable control box, optimised accessibility to components, built-in diagnosis tool, and outriggers positioned within the machine footprint.

RT Scissor 10.3M

For rough narrow spaces needing access machines, this RT scissor is an ideal choice. It features a maximum working height of 10.30m and a scissor lift that weighs 2930kg. You'll also enjoy its non marking tyres, LPG power, hydraulic generator, dual larnyard anchorage point, and flashing amber beacon.

RT Scissor 11M

This RT scissor lift is ideal for rough terrain or work at height on sloped grounds. It features a climb gradient of up to 50% and has auto-levelling features without the need for outriggers.

RT Scissor 12M

When you need a versatile liften that can carry up to 454kg load and lift up to 12m, this scissor lift is an ideal choice. Its features include a powerful four-wheel drive, a large platform, a tilt sensor with alarm, charger protection, and more.

RT Scissor 12.06M

This scissor lift features smooth control, proportional drive, and fold down rails for an easy drive through a 203 cm high door.

RT Scissor 12.15M

This scissor lift is ideal for reaching heights up t0 12.15 m on rough outdoor spaces. Its full proportional controls and narrow turning radius increases productivity.

RT Scissor 12.7M

This RT scissor lift offers powerful features to meet the demands of your site requirement. It is driveable at full height, has a “Detroit Locker” type rear differential and limited slip front differential, an anxle based four wheel drive, a 4.5’ (1.4 m) roll out extension deck, an analog control system, and more.

MEC Titan - 40S - 14.2M

This model is a multi-functional and powerful machine tha offers the capacity of a telehandler, the work area of an Ultra-Deck scissor lift, and the reach and rotation of a boom. It offers a huge deck wih 4,000 lb (1800 kg) combined material and personnel capacity. With steering modes, an amazing 180 degrees platform rotation plus additional telescope to get in close to work areas, this machine is what you need.

RT Scissor 15M

This scissor lift is best for working spaces requiring a height of 15m. It offers a 900 kg lift capacity, 40% gradeability, double extenstion for increased working area, and a standard four wheel drive.

RT Scissor 18M

Increased platform capacity (700 kg), large plaform (7.3 m x 1.9 m), 40% gradeability, twin deck extensions, and a standard four-wheel drive are just some of the many features of this rough terrain scissor lift machine.

RT Scissor 18.15 M

This machine is built for traction on extra-rugged terrain. It reaches up to 59 ft and can lift up to 680 kg. For improved performance on outdoor worksites, this rough terrain scissor lift is a great option.

RT Scissor 20.2M

This is one of the largest wheeled scissor lift model. It reaches up to 66ft(202m) working height, has fully proportional drive and lift controls, an ultra deck with slide-out extension and incremental locking positions, outrigger support for platform stability on heavy duty job sites with “one-touch” auto leveling, and more.