Rough Terrain Forklift for Hire


Every Total Access Rough Terrain Forklift is versatile and reliable. Our forklifts can handle just about any application, from carrying cargo in docks and yards to heavy lifting in construction sites, farms and timber/forestry applications. Most importantly, they offer unmatched productivity and mobility in rough terrain.

We have a fleet of rough terrain forklifts that have varying dimensions, operating weight and lift capacity. Enjoy other notable features like superb traction and innovative transmission systems that offer fast directional changes. We have forklifts known for their ergonomic, efficient, durable and productive features.

Our Rough Terrain Forklifts offer large diameter wheels in the front, these compact semi-industrial forklift trucks excel over any type of ground, both inside and outside. With their abilities to clear obstacles along with their stability and manoeuvrability, qualities which are incomparable for vehicles of their class.

Our Range of Rough Terrain Forklifts

RT Forklift 3.3M

The RT 3.3M - Ausa C200 H Forklift measures 1.5 by 4.24 by 2.05 meters in width, length and height, respectively. The Forklift can lift load weight 2000kg at a time. The Ausa C200 H uses a 33.8kw two-speed engine and a hydrostatic transmission with variable flow pump. The RT 3.3M has a turning radius of 4x2-2.8m/4x4-3.9 m.

This rough terrain forklift comes with a variety of standard equipment that includes but isn't limited to open tilting cabin seat (ergonomic) with a safety belt, a joystick featuring integrated functions that control all movement. The 3.3M has a rotating beacon, 3rd auxiliary hydraulic, active security equipment, reverse sound warning and integral belly plate mounted on the chassis.

The RT 3.3M can come with optional equipment that include a semi-closed cabin, air conditioning and full cabin heater, Stereo CD/Radio system, anti-theft system, working and homologated lights, spark arrestor, catalytic converter, wide front axle, 400 & 600-litre hydraulic buckets and solid flotation industrial tyres.

RT Forklift 2.11M

The RT 2.11M Manitou-MSI-20 T rough terrain forklift also has a 2000kg lift capacity like the RT 3.3M. However, the forklift is slightly smaller in size at a Length, Height and Width of 2.94 by 2.11 by 1.32 respectively. The RT 2.11M has other notable features like a load height of 3.3m and a turning radius of 2.6m. This forklift weighs 3860kg.

The RT 2.11M is marketed as a forklift for handling semi-industrial applications. It comes in handy regardless of the trade or business in question. The high capacity, power and reliability allow the RT 2.11 to handle raw materials, wood, building materials and more. This forklift will do farm work, transport and logistics, carry wood, and other materials.

The most notable benefits include versatility, productivity, manoeuvrability, sturdiness, comfort and safety. You can drive this forklift anywhere, including rough terrain due to the large front wheels coupled with hydrostatic transmission offering unmatched flexibility to carry 2 tonnes with ease.

The RT 2.11 forklift also stands out for being manoeuvrable in confined spaces. The built-in cylinder coupled with the steering axle offers a tight turning circle. The forklift is also sturdy because of its one-piece chassis alongside key components designed to handle the most strenuous applications.

This forklift is also comfortable. There is ample interior space. You can also open the door or close it depending on your comfort levels. The windows also open fully.

Masted Forklift 1.99M

The Masted 1.99M Manitou MH20-4 Forklift weighs 4,050kg, has a turning radius of 2.5m, a lift capacity of 2,000 -2,500 kg and a load height of 3.3M. The forklift measures 4.04 by 1.99 by 1.45 in length, height and width, respectively. The Masted 1.99M can work in semi-rough terrain.

Some notable features of this forklift include an ergonomically designed driver's compartment. The driver's cabin can tilt and is accessible from both sides easily. The dashboard is practical, and the lift features electro-hydraulic controls to raise the cabin and offer easy access for Forklift maintenance.

The forklift also stands out for stability. The Masted 1.99M stays low when loaded and tilts slightly on the rear end (12 degrees) to offer unmatched stability. The manoeuvrability is also commendable. This forklift can flex extraordinarily thanks to its solid bloc steering axle featuring an integral steering cylinder.

The design is also compact and commendable. The Masted 1.99M can pass through restricted spaces with ease.

Why rent a rough terrain forklift?

There are many reasons to choose any rough terrain forklift in our fleet for hire of purchase. The main reasons include;

Added safety: You need a forklift specifically made for operations on rough surfaces to transport/lift loads safely.

Great lifting/loading capacity: Forklifts are better machines for lifting and loading applications over narrow or confined spaces.

Faster and cheaper: There is no faster or cheaper way to lift or load items. Forklifts are faster and cheaper than hiring personnel to do the heavy lifting. The price of forklifts is also within reach for smaller operations with limited budgets.