Rough Terrain Knuckle Booms

Knuckle booms are ideal for heavy-duty operations. They can be used for construction work, electrical work, engineering, painting and more. Among other functions, they have perfect reach via a telescopic upper boom.

Our Rough Terrain Knuckle Booms offer power to the platform with great access into tight areas to ensure the job is done with ease. They come in different varieties with heights ranging from 12 to 43 meters. There are electric booms that are ideal for indoor usage and also 4WD booms that are perfect for outdoor operations. They are available at different heights to help you reach different surface levels. Check out some of the machines available for hire below.

Our Range of Rough Terrain Knuckle Booms

RT Knuckle 12.4M

This purpose-designed machine is built to access virtually any workplace height productively and safely. With a 10.4 meter platform height and 12.4 meter working height, it can tower above obstacles with a 230kg lift capacity. It measures 1.9M width by 5.5M length, making it ideal for any workspace.

RT Knuckle 12.52M

With a 10.52m platform and 12.52m working height, this machine can lift personnel and materials weighing up to 227kg maximum. It measures 1.73m in width by 5.64m, making it perfect even for somewhat tight spaces.

RT Knuckle 15.72M

This multifunction heavyweight machine has a 12V-DC auxiliary power that powers it to work on heights as high as 15.72m. It comes with variable speed dial control for lower boom and platform rotation. It also has a 13.72m platform height and measures 2.08m in width by 6.53m in length.

RT Knuckle 16M

This 4-wheel drive machine features a continuous 360 degrees rotating turntable and 180 degrees rotating hydraulic platform. The machine has a 45-second lift to its maximum height of 16m. Moreover, it measures 2.3m in width and 7.15M in length with an improved design for travel.

RT Knuckle 16M Haulotte HA16 RTJ PRO

This industry-leading machine with a 16m working height and 14m platform height, weighs 6650Kg and measures 2.3m in width and 6.75m in length. It allows for proportional and simultaneous movements and has a durable structural design.

RT Knuckle HA16PE

Measuring 1.83m in width and 6.65m in length, this bi-energy (electric/fuel) machine allows for interior and exterior usage. It weighs 7885kg and has a 14m platform height. It can tower over obstacles up to 16m in the air and has a 250KG lift capacity.

RT Knuckle 16.80M

With a 14.80m platform and a 16.80m working height, this 4-wheel drive machine has a 230KG lift capacity and the machine features an anti-crushing system.

RT Knuckle 17.3M

With a 17.3m working height, this machine also comes with a continuous 360 degrees rotating turntable. It can lift to its maximum height in 44 seconds and has a 230KG lift capacity. The machine can drive at speeds between 0.8-5.5Km/h.

RT Knuckle 17.81M

The machine features smooth control proportional hydraulic 4-wheel drive and two-speed ranges. It features a Perkins 404C-22 4 cylinder 2.216 litre diesel engine. It has reduced vibration, noise and emissions. Furthermore, it runs at slightly slower speeds to reduce fuel use. It has a 15.81m platform height and can lift up to 230KG.

RT Knuckle 18M

The Dingli BA16J machine has a 16m platform height and an 18m working height. It comes with a Kubota V2403-M-DI 34kw/2400rpm engine that propels the machine at 6km/h. The machine measures 2.3m in width and 7.49M in length.

RT Knuckle 20.6M

The HA20 RTJ PRO is a 4-wheel drive and 4-wheel steer machine measuring 2.42m in width and 8.8m in length. It has four front oscillating axles that increase stability on uneven grounds. The machine has a 0-0.5 Km/h drive speed as well as an electric pump and emergency descent system.

RT Knuckle 20.8M

This machine features a self-propelled access platform with a 20.8m working height. It uses hybrid power, making it fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly. It is among the lightest in its class, weighing only 6,300KG with a platform rotation and fly-boom feature.

RT Knuckle 25.6M

This machine boasts optimal productivity with the help of up to 4 simultaneous, proportional movements and optimal transport length. It has the shortest turning radius, giving it perfect manoeuvrability in tight spaces.

RT Knuckle 25.77M

The Genie Z80 has a lift capacity of 227Kg and a 180 degrees platform rotation and it also has 360 degrees of continuous rotation turntable. The machine measures 2.49m in width and 11.27m in length to fit even in moderately tight spaces. With a platform height of 23.77m and a working height of 25.77m, the machine can tower above obstacles for a multi-purpose operation.

RT Knucke 43.15M

This heavy-duty machine with a 41.15m platform height is one of the industries leading rough terrain knuckle booms. With a staggering 43.15m working height, it also has a lift capacity of 272Kg, making it ideal for heavy-duty operations.