Rough Terrain Telescopic Booms

Our selection of Rough Terrain Telescopic Booms is the perfect choice for work in areas with limited clearance or uneven ground. As 4WD vehicles, these telescopic booms have improved manoeuvrability and can face rougher terrain with ease. Their telescoping mast and cage rotation provide a great vertical range that allows the cages to reach their objective from almost any angle. Improve your work quality and discover the best Telescopic Booms in the market with us.

Telescopic Booms are some of the most reliable machines in construction. Take a look at the main advantages these powerful vehicles bring to the table:

  • Ease of Maneuvering: Thanks to the lack of a tail and their compact size booms can work on almost any location. As long as you have stable ground you'll be able to maneuver any of these lifts to reach your destination.
  • A Compact Package: Unlike older traditional lifts, booms are very compact in their design. This makes it easy to move them both during work and from one location to another.
  • Precise Movement: Thanks to their simple controls booms are very easy to operate while remaining highly precise. A single operator can control them from the cage and make precise and short movements, facilitating their use.

Our Range of Rough Terrain Telescopic Booms

Mec Titan: This multi-purpose boom counts with both precision and a large work area for any of your needs.

H16 TPX: A compact base and 360 degree rotation makes the H16 perfect for work in crowded areas.

Genie S45: Designed for safe and stable operation even on complex terrains, this 4WD boom is perfect for light work on any surface.

HX140B: Thanks to its 3-stage telescoping mast and hydraulic pilot control the HX140B is ideal for work in high altitudes

JLG 460SJ: Designed for stability, the 460SJ is a great choice when you need to work on soil or other uneven areas.

JLG 600SC: Easily adaptable to harsh conditions like mud or snow, this model is perfect for even the roughest of work conditions.

HB62: 4WD transmission coupled with differential locking provide unmatched traction, while its fast boom speeds make sure the HB62 reaches its destination in record time.

SJKB TK66: This high-performance machine is designed to face even the most daunting work areas, which coupled with its 22 meter reach ensures no work is too much for it.

HT23RTJ: With some of the best lifting speeds available and its great range of motion, this boom is ideal for precise and accurate movements and hard-to-reach areas.

H23 TPX: A robust design works alongside the improved mast range to grant the H23 an unmatched range.

H28TJ: A jib with 4 simultaneous and proportional movement points provides this boom with precise movement and a wide range.

JLG 860SJ: Up to 24m of height in a compact package. Multiple points of movement coupled with a rotating base allow the 860SJ to easily reach any angle.

H43 TPX: With a working height of over 40 meters and a load capacity of 3 persons this is a boom designed for even the most demanding jobs.

Telescopic Boom 43.30m (JLG 1350SJP): With a maximum height of 40m and a rock-solid base allows the 1350SJP to reach any height with perfect stability.

Telescopic Boom 56.86m (Genie SX-180): For those that need the ultimate reach, the SX-180's working height of 56.86m makes it the definitive pick for high-altitude work.