Spider Booms

Worksites are becoming increasingly demanding. Besides the need to navigate narrow access points, there are other challenges like rough or uneven terrain or getting booms to a job site.

Our Spider Booms offer excellent access to any site and unmatched agility on rough or uneven surfaces. They can be towed easily to a work site and have a high reach capability. They also have rubber non marking tracks and are petrol and electric powered for indoor or outdoor use. These are excellent for narrow access points as they have adjustable track widths and a removable basket.

Why Hire Our Spider Booms

  • Numerous applications: A spider boom can be used across multiple industries for multiple applications. They can be used for utility work, constructions, building maintenance, painting, restoration, filming, landscaping (tree maintenance), firefighting, and more.
  • Compact flexible design: Spider booms are compact and flexible at the same time. They don't use up much space but can reach just about any vertical location with narrow access.
  • Saves cost: A spider boom can eliminate the need for traditional costly solutions like scaffolding. What's more, they need one operator which saves cost.

Our Range of Spider Booms

Spider Boom 17.7M

The 17.7M stands out as one of the tallest of small booms at a working height of 17.70m. Other notable features include a lift capacity of 200kg. This boom also rotates 360 degrees. The weight (2457kg) is adequate enough for towing by typical SUVs via the strong steel trailer that comes with the spider boom.

The 17.7M Spider Boom is 1.95m in height, 0.78m in width, and 4.25m and 5.10m in length without and with the basket respectively. Other notable features like retractable tracks and a 792 by 1951mm stowed dimension making it easy to drive this spider boom through typical-sized domestic doorways. The long stabilizer legs offer other advantages, such as stability on sloping sites.