Telehandlers (also known as teleporters, telescopic handlers, or boom lifts) are perfect for forklift applications that require lifting over variable height that typical forklifts wouldn't reach. Telehandlers combine aspects of cranes and forklifts in one machine.

Typical features of a telehandler include a single articulating or telescopic boom that extends upwards and forward to increase versatility. The boom features an operator that can fit several attachments, such as forklifts and scissor lifts.

Total Access Telehandlers can offer lift heights up to 18m and more. Our telehandlers can be used in construction, agriculture, manufacturing, and many other industries for pallet lifting applications, among other applications such as getting access to high areas/locations.

Our Telehandlers are four wheel drive, three steering options and very smooth joystick controls. With an oscillating rear axle which assists four wheel drive traction. Our Merlo is a tall and robust Telehandler with flexibility that only slewing can provide. Below ground/under bridge EWP capability.

Advantages of hiring our Telehandlers:

Great loading height & reach

Telehandlers can lift loads to heights and lengths that are impossible to reach with typical forklifts. Boom handles can reach 50 feet or more depending on the type of telehandler.


There are many types of attachments available for telehandlers, from scoop buckets to forklifts. This makes telehandlers capable of just about any job site application thinkable. A telehandler can also lift several times more materials than a forklift or cherry picker.

On-road/off-road capabilities

Telehandlers can work on any road. Their four-wheel drive features make it possible for use on typical roads and in the roughest terrain i.e., in agriculture and construction sites.

Our Range of Telehandlers

Total Access has a fleet of telehandlers capable of tackling any telehandler job imaginable. We have:

Telehandler 10M - HTL 4010

When you need a compact and versatile access machine that delivers outstanding performance, the telehandler 10M is a great choice. With features such as hydrostatic transmission and inching pedal, proportional controls for movement, and 4 wheel drive and steer, this telehandler will serve your needs whether you are in the construction, masonry, and agricultural development.

Telehandler 10M - HTL 3510

This telehandler has a lift capacity of 3500 kg, a lift of 10m,and a horizontal outreach of 7.20m, making it ideal for construction and masonry.

MEC Titan 40S-14.2M

The MEC Titan Boom is a telehandler, scissor lift, and boom lift in one, making it one of the best access devices you can have in your fleet. When you need a powerful access machine that can lift 1,800 kg, this machine is the right choice.

Telehandler 8.10M (MHT-X 860)

With a fork height of 8.1m and maximum weight capacity of 600g, this machine is best suited for construction. Other features of this machine include a ground clearance of 0.41m, width of 2.4m, height of 2.46m, and fork thickness of 1200 by 60 mm. This telehandler can lift in 11.5 seconds and lower in less time.

Telehandler 18M - Merlo-40-18 Roto

This telehandler has unmatched maneuverability. The safety system is also top-notch. For instance, it has a visual and sound overload warning system that locks the hydraulics and prevents movement in case of an overload. The telehandler also has stability controls and independent outriggers to boost performance on rough site grounds.

Features of this telehandler include a maximum fork height of 18, maximum lift capacity at full height at 4,000 kg, and operating weight at 14,300 kg. The telehandler measures 2.4m in width and rotates 360 degrees.

Telehandler 18M-JLG 4017

The JLG telehandler is part of the biggest machines in the telehandlers category. It features a travel speed of 35 km/h. Other features include a maximum lift height of 18m, an operating weight of 11,995 kg, powershift 4 speed forward and 3 speed reverse, proportional lift, hydraulic frame sway, oscillating rear axle, proportion function stabilisers and more.