Vertical Masts

Solve high and tight challenges with Total Access vertical masts. There are no better access machines for high reaching tasks in small spaces. We offer one of the best vertical mast varieties in New Zealand. Our masts can perform just about any access task fast and with ease.

Our Range of Vertical Masts

Hire vertical masts in New Zealand at great prices. Our fleet includes:

Vertical Mast 6.58M (Skyjack SJ16)

This mast offers a low maintenance design in a compact and vertical machine. It has a working height of 6.75m and weighs 966kg. The Skyjack SJ16 is capable of carrying up to 227kg. It's environmentally friendly with zero emissions. If you are working on a multi-level job site, this is a good choice.

Vertical Mast 8.0M (Dingli MV060E)

If you are looking for a vertical device that delivers flexibility and versatility, this is the machine for you. It is electric-powered, has two-wheel drive and can reach up to 60m in the air. It offers 8m of reach and can hold a weight of up to 150kg. The Dingli MV060E is packed with features such as proportional control, automatic pothole protection, forklift pockets, low voltage alarm, emergency down button, tilt protection and more.

Vertical Mast 8.07M (Genie GR20)

When you need a vertical mast for increased productivity and the ability to fit through doorways, the Genie GR20 is an exceptional choice. This machine features a platform height of 6.07m, a working height of 8.07m, and a weight of 1112kg. Some notable features of this mast include proportional lift and drive controls, a zero inside turning radius, a patented rigid mast system, a battery charge indicator, non-marking solid tyres and a motion alarm.

Vertical Mast 8.1M (Skyjack SJP20)

With its reliable control system, the Skyjack SJP20 is ideal for multiple industries like construction, government facilities, schools, shopping, and warehouses. This vertical mast features two-handed, pushbutton operator controls, indicator lights on stabilizers, a rugged steel base that provides maximum stability, non-marking wheels and casters and a rugged steel base that provides maximum stability.

Vertical Mast 8.1M (Monitor ML810)

This heavy-duty machine has non-marking features ideal for both indoors and outdoors. Its terrain capability is ideal for rough and tough sites. It is also easily transportable at 2.75 tonnes. This vertical mast is only 1.2m wide and only 1.98m high so it can easily fit anywhere.

Vertical Mast 9.5M (Dingli MV075E)

This vertical mast has a two-wheel drive and a platform lift of 7.5m. It is electric-powered, offers a reach of 9.5m, and can hold up to 125kg. Its features include a battery charge indicator, proportional controls, automatic pothole protection, an hour meter, a fault indicator on the platform, a low voltage alarm, an emergency down button, flashing beacons and more.

Vertical Mast 9.6M (Skyjack SJP25)

This single personal lift has a built-in battery and charger. It has a platform height of 7.6m, a working height of 9.6m and weighs 490kg. It also features short, built-in stabilizers for a quick and easy set-up. This vertical mast can be used for a wide variety of applications in hospitals, schools, warehouses, shopping malls, and more.

Vertical Mast 10M (Haulotte HM10P)

The HM10P is a vertical mast with an exceptional excess capability. It has a working height of 10.0m, a platform height of 8.0m and weighs 2470kg. This device travels at a speed of 5 km/h.

Electric Scissor 10M (Dingli MVPO80E)

The Rizer MVP080-E features a levelling outrigger device, an emergency stop button, an electric limit switch, a levelling indicator, two operation controllers, an onboard automatic charger and more.

Vertical Mast 11M (Genie AWP30)

This single lift option is one of the best choices for narrow areas. It can easily roll through standard doorways thanks to its narrow base. The lift has one of the most rigid masts in the industry and a rocket base system for manoeuvrability. If you need a mast that's easy to transport, this should be one of your considerations.

Vertical Mast 11.2M (Raptor MV095J)

Do you need a self-propelled mast lift that can reach 11.2m? Then the Raptor MV095J is what you need. It also features proportional controls, a self-closing gate on the platform, non-marking tyres, an automatic brake system and more. You'll also love the 345-degree turret rotation.

Vertical Mast 12.7M (Skyjack SJP35)

For a self-propelled mast lift that reaches up to 12.7m, the Skyjack SJP35 is a good choice. This machine has set stabilizers in place to lock itself into a stable position. It is also easy to use and compact enough to fit into corners.